What's on my Mind

by Marilyn Miller

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The album, ‘What’s On My Mind' is a collection of original songs concerning the life of a mature woman living alone in uncertain times. These songs have strong melodies with memorable lyrics concerning love, politics, dreams, and loss. Yep, the things that are ‘On My Mind’.

She released this album in the dead of winter…. A good idea? Likely not, but it IS part of the story of the record…. Coming out of the darkness and into the light, just like the earth’s annual winter to spring journey. Recorded in Woodstock, NY by Tedd Orr of Sertso Studios and mixed and mastered by Mark Dunn, ‘What’s On My Mind’ was a year in the making and several years in the planning. There were some serious setbacks, mostly related to health issues in band members, which really made it appear that the record would never get finished. However, the band is now on track and, as it says in the last song, looking forward to a New Day…..

Other songs tell some stories that have touched Marilyn’s heart: a mothers loss of her son to drugs, a call to LISTEN to ideas you think you don’t agree with, a friend who suffered from Huntington’s disease, saying no -and yes -to love, people who chronically lie. She uses folk, rock, grunge, punk and bluegrass sounds to help tell these stories, and the artists she asked to contribute do an excellent job at delivery.

Marilyn did not have to go far to find musicians to help, because they are all good friends. Rick Warren (Rick and Marilyn, Doc Horton and the Jay Street Band, Magic Stones, Clouds), her guitar-wizard partner, continues to weave his magic with Mike Pagnani (Beer-Stained Fiddle, Hudson Busk), who sings with his violin and his voice. Peter Tenerowicz (The Fabulous Versatones, Overtones) keeps a solid beat, assisted by the bass sounds laid down by Aaron Martin (Aaron Martin Band). In all, the music is transporting and interesting, with (as always with Marilyn’s records) a great variety of styles.

If you go to MarilynMillerMusic.com, you will get a free song to download and the email updates you receive after signing up will also announce shows and provide information about videos filmed and produced by David Beesmer, known as FrontRowDave. Again, you will keep up with all these happenings most easily if you sign up for email updates! That is www.MarilynMillerMusic.com to sign up! And we would love to see you ....come to the shows!!!

See you down the road when the music calls!!!


released February 17, 2019


all rights reserved



Marilyn Miller Hudson, New York

Marilyn Miller is a singer/songwriter from Hudson, NY You will usually hear her performing with her friend, Rick Warren, who is an amazing guitar player. Her high energy presentation, choice of material and strong voice make her a favorite. Compared to both Neil Young for her writing style and Patti Smith for her delivery, this is a woman you should hear. ... more

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Track Name: Something We Can Do
People look around you
and tell me what you see
go ahead and feel the truth
that we all want to be free
Let me say it plain
so that we all know
white yellow black red and brown
only owners run this show

People I got real news for you
Listening to each other is something we can do

People want to earn their worth
all need food love health
live in peace, protect the earth
Really there is enough wealth
if people all cooperate
we would be so strong
so they tell us who to hate
making sure we dont get along

people, i got real news for you
Talking to each other is something we can do

How can you believe
giving them more, helps you
that's something someone conceived
To benefit just those few
but owners get the benefits
while we all do the labor
they make up lies that seem legit
to get you to hate your neighbor

People, i got real news for you
Hating each other is what they want us to do

They keep feeding us those lies
Tell us our true enemy
Is poor folks stealing the pie
and stopping them keeps us free
it's too expensive keeping
our air and water clean
the owners keep weeping
but the money they make is obscene

People i got real news for you
Working with each other is something we can do

people i got real news for you
If we work together they can't stop you
Track Name: Save Me
I thought you'd always s
ave me
I thought you'd always t
I thought you'd always s
ave me
Em Am Em Am
Now, it turn
s out t
hat's a l

Now how am I to answer?
What can I say now?
Don't have the power to save her
Don't want to push her down

No matter how I love her
no matter what I say now
She thinks that I betrayed her
She can point to how
Em Am Em Am

I know that she forg
ave me
But I d
on't know what that m
I know how music s
aved me
I rem
ember a
ll our d
I rem
ember h
ow we d
Solo over verse chords

This is the second spring
That hasn't seen her face
I do a lot of things
But no ones got her place

I know I couldn't save her
it was nothing i could mend
I still hear our laughter
I hope that does not end
Track Name: What's on my Mind
For older people
pendent means alone
That is a sign of our time
Folks used to live together
In a
group, not alone
Someone there to help all the t
You cared for me, now
I must care you
I dont like
What i have to
All your life you've been here
no need to roam
I need to say what's on my m
And y
ou will think me so un

Now you are so feeble
What if you don't reach the phone
I can't be here all the time
You say that you are able
You are ok here alone
but that's not what I find
You cared for me, now I must care for you
you won't like
What I have to do
A big piece of you
Will stay here behind
And you will think me so unkind
And that weights heavy on my mind

(Instrumental verse whole)
Rick solo, then Mike, then both

I wish things were different
Some peace we could make
A clear and right thing for us to do
My answer is reluctant
I know your heart will break
But I see nothing else to do
You cared for me, now I must care for you
You wont like
What I need to do
Will you forgive me?
Will you ever see
This is how it has to be.
Track Name: Middle of the Night
Sitting in the yard in the middle of the night
In the middle of the night with you
Like a greeting card in the middle of the night
In the middle of the night with you
Playing our guitars
Music takes us far
Sitting in the yard in the middle of the night with you

Crickets sing loud
There are no clouds
Moonrise in the east
Soft light now released

Stars so bright
Feels just right
Shining in your face
We're not far from grace

Hooting owls
Something howls
So build up the fire
Just a little higher

I'm alone
Love has grown
I've got it in my head
Must be time for bed

I'm alone..
hooting owls...
stars so bright....
crickets sing loud....
sitting in the yard in the middle of the night with you!
Track Name: Thinking
You know I can't stop thinking about where you been
And I can't stop wondering why
I know you can't hear me now and I try not to cry
Will you wake up and stop before you die

You don't know what it is that you're doing to me
When you tell me all your stories and your lies
i hope you know what it is that you do to yourself
all the trouble it is that you buy

You know I can't stop thinking about where you been
You know I can't stop wondering why
And baby if you think about it long enough
You know why I need to try

La la la.....

Some times the path gets dim and there's no hope in sight
Seems no different than the dark that waits downtown
The question is what is in charge of you
How much choice you have right now
If I let you, you'd take me down

But- I can't stop thinking about where you been
And I can't stop wondering why
And baby if you think about it long enough
You know why I need to try
Track Name: Temper
I gotta temper
better let me be
I gotta temper
cant you see
i gotta temper
Don't cross me
Ain't no one gonna make
a fool outta me

When I was just a young girl
My momma sat me down
She told me if I dont watch it
No man would come around

I didn't listen then
and I aint listening now
but i am warning you
just dont push me around


Once I met a man
Who wouldn't stop his hands
he found it wasnt fun
when he saw I had a gun

the judge said I was wrong
he sent me away too long
but someday ill return
and then that guy will learn

Track Name: Gone
They told me there was
nothing I can do
And now he's
gone gone gone
gone ....x2 then

what a smile you had with your laugh of gold
but then you grew up and i guess i got old

you once held my hand as we walked along
and later you thought I was always wrong

your hand so soft that i held in mind
and what i would give to hold you one last time
i cant stop crying
i didn't know you were dying
Now you're gone gone gone gone

none of my friends know what to say
they look at me and then they look away
i really can't blame them, what is there to say
Now they're all gone home and I feel so alone today

i still don't believe it, no i dont believe it
He can't be gone gone gone gone


i remember his smile and that laugh of gold
forget how he died and how it controlled
remember the joy and the kindness and pride
forget the stealing the worry and the lies
remember the pride
forget the lies
you are my son
my son.
Track Name: Lies
You told me now not so long ago
that everybody lies and don't I know
You spat it out in an awful ugly way
As if I didn't know how it is today

you gave examples of all the lies
That we all expect before we die
But I would still like to think it's true
I am not a fool when i trust you

But if you don't see the harm in a lie
if you can't even guess why
then listening and trusting you
is a thing I better not do

I don't know what makes you this way
I often wonder how you get through your day
Juggling the stories, the answers and stuff
keeping it all straight must really be tough .


i know you like to righteously instruct
you call out all who are corrupt
But then you live your own life with lies
How do you do that and still moralize

Telling the truth may be new
But try it, you may get a clue
you really don't have to lie
You can tell the truth and still get by (x2)
Track Name: Tequila
Wish I thought about things
Just a little harder today
If I had used my head
I would have seen a better way
I just wanted to relax there
Did not know about your strain
Did not see the sign
I paid no mind to your pain

Cause I got Tequila in my blood
Tequila in my brain
Tequila puts me down
And brings me back again

I did not mean to hurt you
To be callous or so cold
I thought you'd always be there
Together we'd both grow old.
But now I sit and drink alone
I'm left with nothing to say
No one here to talk to
To remind me of the price I pay

Is tequila is my only friend now
To keep me warm in body and mind
I know you wont miss me.
Or my ability to be unkind
I don't know what happened
Can't say what went wrong
You dont like my drink
And now, all i have is this song (Chorus)
Track Name: Blue Love
I need to tell you
My heart's been broken
All the lies were spoken

You try to show me
how i can trust you
You're not the one I knew

But/So I think I'm gonna pass
don't believe that love can last
even if we both are true
in the end all loves still blue.

you do need someone
who'll always be home there
just like the sweet air
it seems

but I'm like fire
I'm always changing
life rearranging
it seems


so how would you do
you'd have to trust me
watch me be out and free
you know

so i guard my feelings
of wanting to love you
I should believe in you
you know

Track Name: Valentine's Day (Love Doesn't Work)
Doesn't work for me

Doesn't work for me
Won't warm me against the cold
Keep me company as I grow old
Doesn't work for me
What could I be doing
Rather than wait for you to call
If I wasn't here stewing
Anticipating the fall

Intro riff....

Love doesn't work for me
Love doesn't work for me
Still feel lonely when you're here
TV so loud, you drink your beer
Love doesn't work for me
What could I be doing?
Rather than wait for you to talk
Ask me how my day went
ill just go take a walk


Love doesn't work for me
Love doesn't work for me
You tell me you can't give
What I need, you can't live
Love doesn't work for me
What could I be doing?
Rather than give you all of me
My heart, my time, my life
And you take it all for free

Love doesn't work for me
Love doesn't work for me
You say possession is not love
But I just want you to put me above
Love doesn't work for me
Track Name: Over Coffee (I Can't)
He said we can't have love
If we only throw anger around
I dont think i can rise above
When all he does is tear me right down
I see that we will become
Exactly what it is we despise
I dont know how i can overcome
All the anger the sadness and lies

He went on and on in his preaching
About the way things ought to be
showed me no respect in his speaking
Blamed all this on me
Blamed this me

riff x2

I sat right there with tears in my eyes
And slumped down in that old soft chair
Listened and finally realized
Love was not there
Love was not there


What have we done to each other
With feelings cold and showing rust
he reached out for another
my love turned to dust
Love turned to dust
(riff x 2)

i know we can't have love
If we only throw anger around
it is true i can't rise above
When all he does is tear me right down
I know that we will become
Exactly what it is we despise
I dont know how i can overcome
All the anger sadness and lies
i know i cant overcome all the anger, the hatred and lies x4

I know
I cant
Track Name: New Day
tomorrows gonna be a new day
Time to let the hurt move along
Tomorrows gonna be a new day
time to sing a different song

Everywhere I look life has miracles
Everywhere look every day
All those tiny little bitty miracles
Life always finding a way

Flowers blooming everywhere
Cat tail peaking through the dirt
There is nothing to compare
To green covering hurt

I have many folks all around me
Sharing life and love all day
come along and join the party
Kindness will help you find the way

All my life i`ve seen so many changes
Lived many different chapters thru the years
so many varied sides to the stories
And I have little use for tears

And with the evening gloaming
The wonder of the growing
The peace in the knowing
This body ever slowing

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